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Science & Computer Labs

We offer students the opportunity to learn in a laboratory setting with dedicated personnel to help guide them through standards based activities.

Science & Social Studies


Our students are taught the science standards using a hands-on approach.   The Full Option Science System® (FOSS) provides tools and strategies to engage students, making them active participants in scientific practices through their own investigations and analyses.

Students have the opportunity to perform experiments and make observations in our well stocked Science Lab, allowing them to truly think like scientists.

To view the California Next Generation Science Standards click the link below:.

Social Studies

The goal of teaching history/social science is to prepare our students to be informed and responsible members of a diverse democratic society.  Through social studies instruction we provide our students with opportunities to think critically, to develop an informed opinion, to research a topic effectively, to express their ideas both orally and in writing, and to listen to others who believe differently than themselves.

To view the California Social Studies Standards, click the link below:

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