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Sporting Equipment

The school provides all equipment needed for the playground. 

Do not bring items from run the risk of losing them!

Personal Items

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be turned off and left in back packs during class time, and at recess and lunch. 

If cell phones are heard or seen during the school day, they will be confiscated and only returned to the parent.

If you need to call parents during school, come to the main office. 

Leave Toys at Home

Electronics and Toys  - Students are not to bring toys, balls, electronic devices or cards to school. These items create a distraction in the classroom and are often lost or stolen. 

If you bring toys and electronics to school, they will be taken away and given back to a parent.


Backpacks are great for holding books, homework, lunches and spirit sticks. Be sure to take care of them and don't leave them laying around. 

If you stay after school, keep your backpack with you.

Riding your Bike to School?

If you are a student in grade 4 or 5 and your parent signs a permission slip, you may ride your bike to school.  You must wear a helmet and park your bike in the rack by the cafeteria.  Remember to always walk your bike when on campus. 

This policy is only for bicycles.  No skateboards or scooters may be brought to school.

Permission slips can be picked up in the main office.