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Lost and Found

Sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, and shirts left on the playground are collected and taken to the lost and found rack outside the Library. These articles of clothing will remain on campus until the end of the month at which time they will be donated to a charitable organization.

Small items, such as glasses, wallets and phones are kept in the main office throughout the school year. Remind your child to immediately check the lost and found for your valuable items.

Uniform Opt Out

If you wish to opt out off the school's uniform policy, please go to the main office for an official form.  Please remember, that our school's dress code is in effect every day of the week. 

Dress Code


San Jose Street school encourages all students to wear uniforms to school each day. 

The uniform may be purchased anywhere and includes the following:


Shirts, Blouses, Tops

Pants, Jeans, Sweatpants, Leggings, Shorts & Skirts


Must have a collar

Must fit well and not be overly baggy, too tight or too short

Must have closed toes, no sandals,    flip-flops or high heels

Solid colors:

White, Navy, Light Blue

Solid colors:

Dark Blue or Khaki

Black, White, Brown, Blue



Coats, Jackets & Sweaters

Allowed outdoors for protection from sun and cold weather

Must be marked with student’s name

Solid colors:

Navy or Khaki Preferred

 Solid colors:

 Navy or Khaki preferred


Donated uniforms in good clean condition are welcomed and greatly appreciated. These articles of clothing are available upon request in the main office for those in need and unable to purchase uniforms.


Spirit Shirts

Each Wednesday and when classes go on field trips, students are encouraged to show their grade level spirit by wearing a shirt in the grade level color. 

Official San Jose Spirit shirts are sold by presale at the beginning of each semester, but students may wear any shirt in the corresponding color.

  • Pre-K                 royal blue
  • Kindergarten     yellow
  • 1st Grade          red
  • 2nd Grade         turquoise
  • 3rd Grade          orange
  • 4th Grade          green
  • 5th Grade          purple

Important Reminder:

Label all outerwear, backpacks and lunch bags with your child’s name, grade, and room number so that these items can be easily identifiable and returned to your child if they are lost.


Dress Code

Clothing must fit well, be appropriate for school and the season, and must not distract from instruction. 

  • No spaghetti straps, tight tanks, bare midriffs, low waisted baggy pants or short shorts are allowed. 
  • Shoes must have closed toes.  No sandals, flip flops or high heels are allowed.  
  • At no time may students wear clothing that promotes violence, hatred, intolerance, drugs or alcohol. 
  • T-shirts with derogatory or sarcastically humorous messages are not allowed.

At San Jose, we are committed to creating an atmosphere of learning and resect. 

Parents will be contacted to bring a change of clothes if students wear inappropriate clothing to school.