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Health Office

Nursing Services

bandaid-bearCynthia Sevilla is our School Nurse and she is at San Jose on Mondays and Thursdays. On other days, our caring office staff is available to help students who are feeling ill  or when they come in to the office with bumps or scrapes.  

Parents or caregivers are contacted if a child has a more serious injury or symptoms. Please make sure that all contact phone numbers on the emergency card are up to date.


What to do if your child needs to take medication during school hours.

Students may not carry or use medication on campus without written consent.  A student who needs to take medication during school hours must have a special form that must be filled out by the parent and doctor.  The form may be picked up in the main office.

If a child comes to school with...

Stitches, Casts, Crutches, Braces, or a Wheelchair

A doctor's note must be provided giving permission for the child to attend school and spell out any restrictions during recovery.


Head Lice

Parents/Guardians of the affected student will be notified. An effort will be made to notify parents/guardians of the class about school exposure to head lice. A case of lice does nor automatically exclude a child from school. Talk to the school nurse for guidelines.  


A Communicable Disease (such as Chicken Pox)

Parents of children in the same class will be notified.  Please note, parents/guardians of children for whom chicken pox presents a particular hazard should contact the school nurse to facilitate notification. Students at risk include those with conditions affecting the immune system and those receiving certain drugs for the treatment of leukemia or organ transplants.